Public Urban Space During Construction

Concurrently with the building works being carried out to create a permanent public urban space, we are working to improve the area until construction is complete.

We have designed a new signage system using the construction site’s fences to show the history of each building lot in the context of the new building plans.

In addition, we have created temporary exhibitions to enhance the experience of pedestrians passing through the area, including the Royal Playback Orchestra (click here to view the video) and the bicycle exhibit entitled “Foot Hard on the Pedal But in Neutral,” adjacent to the Yitzchak Navon Train Station.

At the intersection of Herzl and Shazar Streets, we have set up an observation platform with display boards explaining the construction plans for the project. At the northern entrance to the train station, we have installed a concrete piano (the first of its kind in the world!) which passersby can play, and we also renovated the underground pedestrian tunnels and curated and commissioned novel art exhibitions.

We strive constantly to minimize the disturbance caused local residents and passersby visiting the area by the development and construction works.